Picture Day

Our annual team picture day will take place on Sunday, January 24th and Tuesday, January 26th with the help of Rowe Portrait Studios. Please refer to the table below for times for each team. There will be an additional make-up day on Thursday, Feburary 4th if needed due to Covid. Make sure to contact your coach to sign up for any make up time slots

Individual shots will be offered along with a team picture.

Please wear your black jersey for girls or blue jersey for boys.

Sunday, January 24th
Time Team
10:00am U13 Schorr
10:20am U14 Rasche
10:40am U12 Johnson
11:00am U11 Rasche
11:20am U15 Macaulay
11:40am U12 Schorr
12:00pm U15 Breitwieser
12:20pm U13 Lasher
12:40pm U11 Cummings
1:00pm U16 Allford
1:20pm U14 Lively
1:40pm U18 Schultheis
2:00pm U16 White
2:20pm U15 Nguyen
2:40pm Make-up Session
4:20pm U17 Macaulay
4:40pm U14 Alstadt
5:00pm U17 Aiton
5:20pm U14 Kaczmarski
5:40pm U12 Sturgeon
Tuesday, January 26th
Time Team
6:00pm U18 Boys Macaulay
6:30pm Make-up Session
7:00pm U13 Bratcher
7:30pm Make-up Session

Thursday, Feburary 4th: Covid Make-up Session