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General Recruitment Tips

Target Schools of Interest - Cast a Wide Net

⊲ Contact any schools that meet your criteria -- Distance from home, geographic area, academic majors etc.
⊲ Have target, stretch, and fall back schools (both athletically & academically).
⊲ Don't discount or ignore DII, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA opportunities. There is so much more out there than just Division I.
⊲ Know that more athletes are assisted by academic scholarships and grants than by athletic scholarships.
⊲ Coaches have options outside athletic money, your school work and test scores are important!

Communicate with Coaches

⊲ Fill out each schools "Prospective Athlete" form (usually found on their team page).
⊲ Personally email coaches, do not have mom and dad do it for you! Coaches like to know they are engaged with the actual player.
⊲ Personalize your emails
» Use the coaches name (make sure you have the correct name and spelling).
» Why you like that particular school or program etc.
⊲ Include video clips or links with email
» Make sure you are easily identifiable in the video
» Keep videos short (clips 1-2 minutes, videos 3-5 minutes).
» Video does not need to be elaborate, it just needs to highlight your skills.
» Have a video of a full set available in case a coach/school requests it.
⊲ Provide your Club Tournament Schedule in emails.
⊲ Include club contact info in all communications
⊲ You should reach out more than once to any schools of interest.
⊲ There are rules on how, when, and where coaches may contact you directly. The rules vary by division and are constantly changing.
⊲ Coaches have a general projection of their needs by each graduating year.
» If you don't hear back from a school of interest, don't sweat it, keep working.
» Coaches receive hundreds of emails each week/month depending on school and time of year.
» There are typical recruiting timelines by division, but there are always exceptions.
» Feel free to contact schools until such time they indicate they are not interested .

Get Seen

⊲ Showcases:
» Plan to attend 1 or 2 showcases each year.
» Review the list of registered coaches and contact those of interest (see "Communicating with Coaches" above) letting them know you will be at a particular showcase.
» Don't put negative pressure on yourself at showcases, enjoy the game and let the process take care of itself.
⊲ Tournaments:
» You will not always know when a prospective coach/school is watching you. You are always "on-stage" and in a "job interview".
» Coaches are watching how you interact on the court and off the court.
» Do not put pressure on yourself; be genuine. Enjoy the game; be a good teammate; and display good sportsmanship
» Parents .... Coaches are watching you as well, evaluating the dynamic and fit for their school.




Recruiting Services & Websites

University Athlete (UA)   » Free to athletes - college coaches pay for access to tournament rosters

Next College Sports Athlete (NCSA)   » Both free and paid options (various levels) - Used by coaches at all levels to varying degrees

Be Recruited (BR)    » Both free and paid option (reasonable price) - Used by many DII, DIII, NAIA & JNCAA Coaches



Eligibility Centers

NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse: Division I and Division II (also Division III)

NAIA Eligibility Center

NJCAA Eligibility Center