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General Recruitment Tips

Target Schools of Interest - Cast a Wide Net

⊲ Contact any schools that meet your criteria -- Distance from home, geographic area, academic majors etc.
⊲ Have target, stretch, and fall back schools (both athletically & academically).
⊲ Don't discount or ignore DII, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA opportunities. There is so much more out there than just Division I.
⊲ Know that more athletes are assisted by academic scholarships and grants than by athletic scholarships.
⊲ Coaches have options outside athletic money, your school work and test scores are important!

Communicate with Coaches

⊲ Fill out each schools "Prospective Athlete" form (usually found on their team page).
⊲ Personally email coaches, do not have mom and dad do it for you! Coaches like to know they are engaged with the actual player.
⊲ Personalize your emails
» Use the coaches name (make sure you have the correct name and spelling).
» Why you like that particular school or program etc.
⊲ Include video clips or links with email
» Make sure you are easily identifiable in the video
» Keep videos short (clips 1-2 minutes, videos 3-5 minutes).
» Video does not need to be elaborate, it just needs to highlight your skills.
» Have a video of a full set available in case a coach/school requests it.
⊲ Provide your Club Tournament Schedule in emails.
⊲ Include club contact info in all communication -- thadb@metrovolleyball.club
⊲ You should reach out more than once to any schools of interest.
⊲ There are rules on how, when, and where coaches may contact you directly. The rules vary by division and are constantly changing.
⊲ Coaches have a general projection of their needs by each graduating year.
» If you don't hear back from a school of interest, don't sweat it, keep working.
» Coaches receive hundreds of emails each week/month depending on school and time of year.
» There are typical recruiting timelines by division, but there are always exceptions.
» Feel free to contact schools until such time they indicate they are not interested .

Get Seen

⊲ Showcases:
» Plan to attend 1 or 2 showcases each year.
» Review the list of registered coaches and contact those of interest (see "Communicating with Coaches" above) letting them know you will be at a particular showcase.
» Don't put negative pressure on yourself at showcases, enjoy the game and let the process take care of itself.
⊲ Tournaments:
» You will not always know when a prospective coach/school is watching you. You are always "on-stage" and in a "job interview".
» Coaches are watching how you interact on the court and off the court.
» Do not put pressure on yourself; be genuine. Enjoy the game; be a good teammate; and display good sportsmanship
» Parents .... Coaches are watching you as well, evaluating the dynamic and fit for their school.


If you have any recruiting questions please contact our Recruiting Director, Thad Britton at thadb@metrovolleyball.club



Recruiting Services & Websites

University Athlete (UA)   » Free to athletes - college coaches pay for access to tournament rosters

Next College Sports Athlete (NCSA)   » Both free and paid options (various levels) - Used by coaches at all levels to varying degrees

Be Recruited (BR)    » Both free and paid option (reasonable price) - Used by many DII, DIII, NAIA & JNCAA Coaches



Eligibility Centers

NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse: Division I and Division II (also Division III)

NAIA Eligibility Center

NJCAA Eligibility Center