Spirit Wear

Metro Volleyball Club specific spirit wear shops will be available through the beginning months of the club season, generally December and January. You will receive notifications from your coaches via GroupMe or our club director through email. Our vendors are online stores that will receive payments and deliver to Metro to be distributed by your coach. Depending on the vendor, you may have the ability to have appearal shipped directly to you.

We also have an affiliate shop in cooperation with Metro Sports Center which runs year round.

431 Sports Spirit Wear

When you click into each item you can change the logo, color of the items, add customization, etc.

Items will be shipped directly to the person placing the order.

This store is open all year.

Blue Frog Tees Spirit Wear

Follow the link above to access this store.

This store will close January 28th.

Items will be delivered to your coach at Metro for disbursement.