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Recent Results:
Early Bird Shootout
Indianapolis - Jan 12
  U15 Darrett (Club)
1st [4-0]
  U16 Macaulay (Club)
1st [4-0]
  U14 Rasche (Club)
1st [4-0]
  U13 Lasher (Club)
2nd [3-1]
  U13 Schorr (Club)
2nd [2-2]
  U16 Aiton (Club)
2nd [2-2]
  U17 Allford (Club)
3rd [3-1]
  U14 Lively (Club)
3rd [3-1]
  U13 Sturgeon (Club)
3rd [2-2]
  U12 Johnson (Club)
3rd [3-1]
  U18 Jung (Club)
3rd [3-1]
  U15 Wise (Club)
4th [2-2]
  U17 Schultheis (Club)
5th [2-2]
  U15 Macaulay (Club)
8th [2-2]

Academy Challenge #1
Indianapolis - Jan 11
  U11 Rasche (Club)
3rd [2-2]
  U11 Pryor (Club)
5th [2-2]
  U14 Nguyen (Club)
14th [2-2]
  U13 Deeg (Club)
17th [3-1]

Metro Volleyball Club trains athletes to excel in a competetive environment. At Metro Volleyball Club, we focus on player development along with team building. But most importantly, we want everyone to love the game!

We are offering many services to help ensure we train your son and/or daughter as best possible.

Come see who our coaches are and what being a Metro Volleyball Club player is all about!

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